In the center of a mountain range is the lovely capital of Dinasmere, Cyrodiil.

The history of the city tells that it was born when a group of humans fled the lands southeast of Lake Evergreen to escape the war between elves and dwarves. They left the green lands where Clover now exists and crossed the lake, heading straight into the mountains. The caravan of refugees traveled for days through the harsh peaks, leaving camp after camp behind.

On the ninth day, with nearly no food left, the leader of the caravan said that he had had a vision of Pelor guiding him to a valley nestled deep in the mountains. He said that Pelor had blessed this valley and that it was meant to be their new home. The valley was fertile and could be defended very easily.

The royal line of Monteaux has reigned uninterrupted for over hundreds of years, keeping the throne through many a rebellion and war.

Though the city began as a lowly caravan of humans escaping an ancient war, the city has since then prospered and, slowly, allowed every race access to the large city. The capital is primarily human in population but within the walls groups of elves (even drow), dwarves (mountain and hill), halflings, tieflings, and dragonborn do exist. The upper class consist almost entirely of humans, whilst the lower classes are made up almost completely of minorities in the capital.


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