This adventure takes place on Dinasmere, Worldshen, and the various islands that border the two countries. The adventurers are a druid, a cleric, two rogues, and a barbarian.

The druid is a wood elf named Elessar who was once a hermit and now does not speak much.

The cleric is a drow named Drisithra that escaped the webs of Lolth and has now turned to the surface world and an old god.

The first rogue is a Tiefling named Genesis that escaped the bonds of slavery and has fled to a different country.

The second rogue is a halfling named Miyako but not much is known about her.

The barbarian is a dragonborn named Toma whose family was slaughtered by a dwarf he has vowed to kill.

The party has caught the scent of the dwarf who murdered a town of dragonborn. The dwarf, Heathcliff, has fled the dwarven city of Foamcrest and presumably across the desert to Sandstorm.

First Adventure

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