First Adventure

Questions in Sandstorm

First Adventure with New Characters

We traveled from the newly rescued Dwarven city of Foamcrest using our newly created characters. The characters are Drisithra Helviep, drow cleric, follower of Elistraee; Elessar, wood elven druid, follower of Pan; Genesis, Tiefling rogue, follower of Xan-yae; Toma, Dragonborn barbarian, follower of Heironeous; Miyako, Halfing rogue, deity TBD.

We were hired by a dwarf and two humans traveling with a wagon to protect him as he traveled to Sandstorm, northwest of Foamcrest. The party expected bandits or scarabs, maybe an actual sandstorm. The short mountain path to the desert was uneventful and, as we settled in the desert for the night, the party sang a campfire song to lighten spirits.

Then came the tremors, and the hatori. Elessar cast a fog cloud as Miyako and Genesis attempted to climb atop the wagon. Miyako fell and Genesis made it. Just then, the hatori jumped out of the sand and clipped the top of the wagon. Genesis managed to dodge the maw of the hatori. Instead, a defenseless human NPC was eaten as the creature returned to the sand. A camel broke loose from the wagon and our guest player, a nameless half-orc barbarian, ran off after it. When it resurfaced, the party attacked, and the half-orc decided to return to help kill it. Once it was dealt with, Elessar turned into a bear to feast on the dead sand crocodile. Miyako attempted to skin it, and ended up skinning her forearm. Toma sliced open the stomach of the creature so Miyako could loot the man it had swallowed. After looting him, we buried him and stripped meat from the hatori.

At dawn, we continued on to Sandstorm and, as a reward, the dwarven guide gave us the wagon, the top still broken from the hatori attack, and the remaining camel, which had befriended Elessar. Once in town, Elessar bought two sheep, Genesis bought another camel, and the rest of us sought out The Drunken Dragon Inn. Miyako waited tables in order to save some money as Drisithra went straight to her room and Toma to his. While waiting tables, Miyako noticed a man who was faintly glowing. Without giving his name, Miyako did not ask for it, he answered various questions Miyako went outside to talk to Elessar who then turned into a rat in order to get into his bag to investigate. When he noticed, Miyako took Elessar to the door, then tried to hide him in her cleavage. This failed, so Miyako pulled out her crossbow on the glowing man. He punched her, immediately knocking her out.

Elessar, while outside, had talked to the sheep and had been told of a long-haired man robbing graves. After being discovered by the glowing man, he checked the rooms in the inn and found a room with a long-haired man, the first left and then first door on the right. Because of a mistake, Elessar was lead to believe it was the second door on the right, and conveyed this to Genesis. He paid for a room, then investigated. All he found was a long-haired person with two pairs of shoes too many and a small spade.



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